Development & Redevelopment

Over the years, Simek Realty has been involved in many development and redevelopment projects. Recently our projects have been focused on foreclosed properties and most of these properties need lot of work to fix health and safety items as well as bringing the properties up to the standards expected by today’s renter. Each property needs to be carefully evaluated to have a good understanding of what it would cost to complete the needed repairs so it can be safely occupied by todays discerning renter.

When the market of for sale housing was very active Simek Realty did for sale ground up development projects as well as redeveloping existing properties that met the needs of each individual buyer. All of the projects Simek Realty was involved in were well received by the marketplace and completely sold out. Developing for sale projects is not much different than developing rental projects at the end of the day it is all about meeting the needs of the resident who will live in the home.

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